The Proven Way to End Bedtime Drama and Keep Toddlers Tucked In ‘Til Morning

Tame stubborn toddlers and fix your family’s sleep problems with the only online course teaching the REST Method™

The Proven Way to End Bedtime Drama and Keep Toddlers Tucked In ‘Til Morning

Tame stubborn toddlers and fix your family’s sleep problems with the only online course teaching the REST Method™

Hey, Mama

if you've been googling, “Is this just a phase?" and feeling like no sleep is the norm, now's the time to take back control of bedtime.

Get your toddler happily to bed before 8 pm and sleeping solo all night long.

Or Maybe ...

you’re at your wit's end and feel like NOBODY in your family including YOU is going to survive this lack of sleep (mama needs her guilty pleasure tv and child-free date nights back)!

Hey, I’m Certified Child Sleep Consultant Jessica Berk ...

And when I was a first-time toddler mom, I felt the same way. I was constantly stressed out and sleep-deprived. Quickly becoming the mean mommy that nobody sets out to be!

Over six years of working with thousands of tired parents and stubborn toddlers as a 1:1 consultant, I was able to pinpoint the methods that work magic with young kids that are learning ALL about free will and constantly. testing. boundaries.



I set out to tackle the big issues that specifically happen with kids ages 2.5-6 … cuz that’s a loooooong time for your family to go sleepless.

I call these proven tactics the REST Method™ and I’m thrilled to share these secrets with tuckered out mamas at their wit's end and needing a solution NOW in my online course, Sleep Tight Without a Fight.

I invite you to join me in this step-by-step course to save your sanity, make your kid an active and happy participant and get everyone their much-needed Z’s on a solid sleep schedule THAT STICKS.

Stop dreading the bedtime brawl and game of midnight musical beds with …

The night-by-night sleep system to help worn-out parents get stubborn toddlers to bed before 8 pm and stay there without squabbling, bed-hopping, or the dreaded pre-dawn wakeup call.


Parents of the ever-thirsty 2.5 to 6-year-old with a scheme and a dream to party ‘til dawn

Tots with newfound big-kid bed freedom and a habit of turning up in your room around midnight

Worn out mamas that are tired of being “Mean Mommy” and want their evening time, wine, and own sleep schedule back

The parent feeling toddler-trapped by a stage-four clinger that CANNOT go to sleep on their own (no matter how many times you’ve read that favorite book)

"My daughter needed us to hold her hand all night but even with that would still wake up multiple times a night. We didn't know what to do! After this course, now she can fall asleep by herself without us in the room and within 20 min!"

Clare D.


Using the proven REST Method™ and nightly, actionable steps you’ll build a dream routine that has your family sleeping soundly in as little as two weeks.

The online course includes:

Expert guidance from a Certified Child Sleep Consultant

that has helped thousands of families solve sleep problems that have been plaguing their families.

Two proven sleep strategy options

that suit a variety of parenting styles with night-by-night instructions to get results in as little as two week.

Go at your own pace

with anytime access and short lesson structure (you’re tired, they’re tired … you just need this kid to GTFTS).

Family-focused solutions

that help ensure siblings can sleep soundly as you work on your routine.

Learn to navigate the “what ifs”

and “oh shiz” along the way to tackle every road bump and stay on track with sleep until it’s time to send them off to college.

Strategies to involve your child

in the process and watch them beam with pride as they get on board with the new sleep rules.


The course provides clear guidance on how to track progress, what success looks like, and what to do if you get off track.

“Our daughter went from sleeping between mommy and daddy to sleeping in her own room by herself. What used to be 2 to 3 hours of mental torture trying to get her to sleep is now as simple as saying "good night" and closing the door. We have our little angel back. She is much happier and a joy to be around now that she is so well-rested.

Thank you so much!”

Roxana B.


You'll get instant access to these course modules


Harness Your Mommy Super Power

YOU have the power to change bad sleep habits at your house. That's good news! This module is pure gold, filled with the 'ah-ha' moments you need to figure out what's been going wrong.

Walk away feeling empowerment to understand the problem and start making actionable changes.


The Right Sleep Schedule

One of the most overlooked aspects of anyone’s sleep routine. I’ll help you understand why this is so vital for young children and how to address the anti-napper and always-wired kiddos.


Craft the perfect sleep schedule for your 2.5 - 6-year-old

  • Everything you need to know about naps
  • What to do for a child who CAN'T calm down at night and is NEVER tired
  • Stop the dreaded 5am wake ups


Excellent Bedtime Routine

Never negotiate with a toddler terrorist again. If you and your tot dread bedtime due to tension, frustration, and full-out tantrums this module is for you!


  • Set up the perfect, sleep-inducing bedroom
  • How to manage room-sharing or siblings that share a wall
  • How to execute a quick, predictable routine every.single.night
  • Get your child on board by giving him control (just a little bit of control!)
  • How to make bedtime fun (yes, actually F-U-N!)


Solo Sleep Strategy

The holy grail of parenting … a kid who doesn’t rely on you to fall asleep, sleeps alone all night and stays in their big-kid bed until morning (like … real morning when adults wake up). It’s glorious, friend, and I can show you the way.


  • Why we should expect some protesting and how to handle it
  • The equation for sleep success
  • Two detailed sleep improvement strategies & how to customize the best one for your family
  • The fastest path from today → awesome sleep habits
  • How to track progress
  • How to pivot if it’s not working



Let me guess... you’ve promised them a doughnut in the morning if they stayed in bed and it didn’t work. So you decided that rewards just don’t work for your kid.

Well, good news! You’re wrong :)

I’ll let you in on the number one mistake you’ve likely made if you’ve tried a reward system before. You’ll learn how to set up a reward system that will actually motivate your child and jump-start new, good sleep habits.

Plus, We’ll cover the super positive ways to make your child feel proud of their accomplishments throughout the process.

All supported by anytime-access video lessons, worksheets, and PDF guides.

“We had been having trouble since our son was climbing out of his crib at two. We put him into a toddler bed and the chaos began. I was doing so much research (googling haha) but it was really fragmented learning that I was trying to implement. It was very unsuccessful. One night he was crying and I was crying and my husband said “this has to stop.” So we looked online, enrolled in the course, listened intently to the modules, and followed it step by step. And miraculously it worked! LIFE-CHANGING. So so grateful for this program.”



When you join today, you’ll also unlock these dreamy bonuses:


Exclusive Sleep Tight Facebook Community

Get exclusive access to this built-in support system filled with other moms who have gone through the course (and me!) to answer questions and share experiences. Having this support has been priceless to the moms in this community.

($397 VALUE)


Ever-Expanding FAQ Library

24/7 access to a huge (and always growing) searchable library where you can find answers to all your questions including specific circumstances and deep dives into challenging subjects like naps & nighttime potty training.

($297 VALUE)


Managing Toddler Meltdowns

Learn the 4 A.C.T.S. of dealing with a toddler meltdown in the moment. How to avoid yelling and get everyone calm. Yes, please!

From BPODS Parenting

($87 VALUE)


10 Easy Ways to Keep Little Minds Learning

Educational craft ideas for your toddler that will keep them engaged!

From @iheartplaytime on Instagram.

($17 VALUE)

Let’s get you back on track to restful sleep!

The night-by-night sleep system to help worn-out parents get stubborn toddlers to

bed before 8 pm and stay there without squabbling, bed-hopping, or the

dreaded pre-dawn wakeup call.

Sleep Tight Without a Fight Online Course . . . . . . . (Value $997)

Exclusive Sleep Tight Facebook Community . . . . . (Value $397)

Ever-Expanding FAQ Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $297)

Managing Toddler Tantrums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $87)

10 Easy Ways to Keep Little Minds Learning . . . . . . . . (Value $17)

Sleep Tight Without a Fight Online Course

(Value $997)

Exclusive Sleep Tight Facebook Community

(Value $397)

Ever-Expanding FAQ Library

(Value $297)

Managing Toddler Tantrums

(Value $87)

10 Easy Ways to Keep Little Minds Learning

(Value $17)

Total Value: $1,795

Your Price = $497

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I created the REST Method™ working 1-on-1 with thousands of families for 6 years in my consulting business, Awesome Little Sleepers, and I stand behind this program 100%. If you’ve put in the work and your kiddo is still struggling with sleep and don’t think the REST Method™ is the right solution for you, I’m happy to offer you a full refund. Be ready to show me the work that you put in, though. I built this program for families who are ready to make a change!

Honestly, how long has This has been going on?

Stop running on empty, barely making it through the day with a surly three-year-old calling the shots at night’s end.

Maybe you think that crappy sleep is part of the deal … that these terrible toddler tantrums are a phase that will (hopefully 🤞🤞) be over soon ...

...But Imagine what life would look like if your kiddo went

From this ...

To this!


The burning questions mamas like you most often ask!

I think I am raising a tiny lawyer. Will this method work for my super smart or stubborn kid?

I have worked with thousands of families over the years and found that when everyone makes a commitment to consistency, the REST Method™ WORKS and is absolutely life-changing.

I have seen some really tough cases, but by starting from a place of understanding how your toddler or young child views the world and using the step-by-step solutions each night, you’ll often start seeing positive results in the first few days.

Through the 5 Module course, you will be equipped to systematically address and pinpoint your biggest struggles and learn the clear plan of action to get your smart-cookie kiddo hitting the hay before they head off to law school.

Is this method going to include “crying it out?” (Cuz that will make ME cry.)

No. I don’t believe a one-size-fits-all solution works when it comes to something as personal as parenting. So, I include two different sleep strategies in this course to suit different parenting styles.

Your child may be tickled pink with the current sleep situation. So, there will likely be some protesting when you start to make a change (you’ve probably seen this before).

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to handle even the most challenging behaviors. And when you’re consistent and following a plan, you move past any tough nights very quickly. Ultimately, I want both you and your child feeling happy, accomplished, and well-rested! And that’s what can happen in just 2 weeks when you enroll in this course.

My child shares a room or a wall with a sibling, is this going to disrupt their sleep?

This is a very common reason why people are reluctant to start working on sleep for one of their children. But, I will teach you how to protect the good-sleeping sibling from being disrupted.

And, remember, this is designed to be a pretty quick process. Any disruptions will be over quickly. All your kids deserve to be great sleepers and this course shows you how.

I’ve been struggling with this FOREEEEEEVER (ok … maybe months or years). Can I REALLY solve this sleep issue in two weeks?

As you’ve probably realized by now, solving sleep issues is NO JOKE. Often, parents come to me feeling defeated, hopeless, and like they’ve tried EVERYTHING.

Most often, the issue lies in following through consistently and knowing what to do when your kid throws you the inevitable curveball. You need a plan that answers all the questions that will pop up at the moment. And you need a real, detailed, night-by-night plan. Plus, you need someone to help you and answer your questions along the way. Your Google search won’t do that. So, unless you’ve tried this course, you are not defeated. You have not tried everything.

The REST Method™ has proven its effectiveness over the last 6 years and I’m confident that it can transform sleep for your family.

If you follow the night-by-night plan and stick to it 100%, you WILL see positive changes in as little as two weeks — maybe much sooner.

Consistency is KEY. Sometimes, when a problem is particularly engrained, you may end up staying on a certain step for more than one night. This is OKAY. The course walks you through how to get unstuck. And you always have the FAQ Library and Facebook group to fall back on 24/7.

What if I realize I’m struggling and need more support?

Sometimes it helps to know that you’re NOT alone. This is the reason I created the exclusive Sleep Tight Facebook group to build a helping support system of like-minded moms as they continue on their parenting journey of blissful sleep.

Once you enroll, you get access to this great support system. The group is filled with other families enrolled in the course + me and it’s a great place to ask questions, stay accountable and share success stories!

How long do I have access to the course?

The course is yours to access on-demand as often as you’d like for as long as it is available.

Ok. I’ve given it my best shot … still no sleep! What if I still don’t get results?

If you’ve followed the method, put in the work, and you’re just not seeing the results within 7 days, I will provide you a full refund for the course.

I believe in the results of Sleep Tight Without a Fight as long as you are committed to making a life-impacting change. Be ready to show me the work that you put in, though. I built this program for families who are ready to make a change!